What Is A pointer Dog Breed?

pointer dogdog breed

pointer dogs, also called dog pointers are small breeds of dogs originally bred to hunt small game. As hunting became more popular, however, the pointer dog was later bred to be a family pet. These types of dogs were originally bred in Germany, England and Scotland. They were also used by the Army during World War Two as service dogs.

A pointer has a curly coat, which is very dense and silky; this is the breed standard. Pointers have dark eyes and an easy gait. They do not shed a lot of hair. The pointer is an excellent choice for a first dog or for a pet.

Caring for your pointer dog is not as difficult as it might sound. This type of dog needs regular walks and daily grooming to keep them looking their best. An everyday walk will help them develop a stronger and healthier coat. Cleaning the coat would also help reduce dander. Although pointer dogs are not prone to diseases; they can get them if they are not groomed on a regular basis.

If you decide to own a pointer dog, it is important that you know what you are getting. pointer dogs are larger than their toy counterpart and come with many advantages; one being that they are much easier to train. pointer dogs have better vision than toy poodles and are more adventurous. However; they are still very sensitive; especially to loud noises. Due to their sensitivity; they should not be around children; never around other pets; and should not be exposed to other dogs.

pointer dogs also have a shorter life expectancy; approximately twelve to fifteen years. These dogs are usually not healthy; and many suffer from serious illnesses and diseases. Pointer dogs are prone to eye problems; such as glaucoma. In most cases; glaucoma causes blindness. In extreme cases; blindness may lead to complete blindness. Even though glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in dogs; the pointer dog breed still has a higher incidence than the other breeds.

Pointers are also prone to hip dysplasia; a condition that damages and stretches the hip joint. This causes many physical challenges for the pointer dog; such as walking, running, jumping etc. If you have a dog breed that suffers from this disease; you should get your dog checked out by an expert immediately.

One more common disease is epilepsy; which is also known as retinal atrophy. Some people do not even know that they have this disease until it is too late. The seizures of a pointer dog are severe; sometimes fatal. This makes it very important that you have your dog examined by an expert right away. This will prevent further seizures from happening.

So, if you are looking for a pet that is fun, cuddly, affectionate; and able to stand on its hind legs for long hours; then you need a pointer dog. These dogs can make great pets. But you must always keep in mind that you must keep your pointer dog in good health and free from diseases.

pointer dog may have good pet quality; but there is always room for improvement. There are some pet stores that may exploit the animals that come from puppy mills. They will sell dogs to people who can not really afford them. Do not be a victim of these puppy mill dealers; look around before purchasing a pet from them.

Pointers are large sized dogs; hence a lot of people think that they are not trainable. However this is not true at all. A pointer can easily learn to understand commands and tricks; and once they have learned this, you can train them how to behave accordingly. Like any other dog breed; pointers can also suffer from anxiety and depression.

You can buy your pointer dog from a breeder or from pet stores. You should not go for a puppy from a pet store. This is because a puppy from a pet store may lack appropriate nutrition. It might also be subjected to harsh training methods. On the other hand, a pointer from a reputable breeder; will be fed right and he will be trained accordingly. The latter option is always better because a good breeder will be able to teach you the basics of training your pet.

Now that you know what a pointer dog is; you can go out there and find one for yourself. Searching on the internet can help you with this. When you visit pet shops in your local area; look around and ask the assistant to show you the different breeds of dogs that they have for sale. From there you will be able to make an informed decision and purchase the best pet for you.

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