The Unique Personality Of The Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a very popular dog breed that originated from China. They are of the large size category and were developed as a means of using their strength to control the water in order to help the fish to reproduce. The design and structure of these dogs depend on the fact that they have very strong bones and heads. Their bodies are very broad, making them the perfect type of dog for hunters.

These dogs are a very strong and loyal type of breed. They can be very protective and a great companion. These dogs depend on their master to lead them and show them in the proper manner. These dogs do not work well as watchdogs or pets. Their protective nature makes them better suited for other tasks.

These dogs are very intelligent and possess a great thirst for learning. They need to always be learning so that they are versatile in their jobs. They also need plenty of room to run around and play. The breed was developed to allow it to do just this. Their strong and hearty body makes them a natural swimmer in the lake; however, they are also a natural diver, which is why they are good to use in search and rescue operations. The great strength of these dogs make them excellent in pulling boats and barges.

This breed of dog was originally bred for its ability to live in and around water. It possesses the instinct to hunt for fish and seals; it also has the capability of working in a team environment. It will work as part of a pack by going after fish in packs. It will protect its master, family and territory with ferocity.

There are three distinct types of Japanese Chin dogs. The first one was developed in China, the second was a result of crossing the first one and the last was developed to be able to withstand the cold weather and to keep its body temperature high. This type of Japanese Chin has lighter hair than its counterpart. It is a good medium-sized dog, weighing between ten and twelve pounds, with a slender build. Its head is triangular with dark eyes, short and round.

Although this breed is relatively new to the United States, it has become extremely popular in the past few years. Many cities, schools, organizations, parks, and other places all have these dogs on their roster. They excel in various aspects of training, tracking, agility and swimming.

Although they are known as being good working dogs, they are not necessarily the best choice for service and search and rescue dogs. They are extremely intelligent, however. They need plenty of exercise, plenty of time with their humans and a great amount of communication with their master. They can learn a variety of tasks, including digging and finding buried objects, but they are not the best choice for a companion dog or a friendly pet for the elderly.

The Chinese Japanese is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In Japan, these dogs are recognized and have their own category on the national dog register. There are also clubs of this breed throughout the US and Canada. If you are interested in owning a Japanese Chin, do your research thoroughly. Check with local vets to be sure that your puppy will not have any health problems that could cause stress or problems later in life.

The traditional colors of the Japanese Chin are red and black. However, since the breed was imported from China it now has colors that include silver, white, pink, fawn, blue, mink and even burgundy. The dog’s conformation is also unique with the eyes being circular and the face being long and tapered, which gives it its signature stoop. This unique conformation has led to many myths about the origins of the breed. Stories abound that the name “Chin” was derived from a snake because of its similarities to a cobra’s tail.

The Japanese Chin can fit into most families except those with very large households. Their size is average when compared to other small breeds, but they do tend to shed more than other breeds. Their wrinkles are somewhat distinctive and this may mean that they are prone to developing allergies in some families. They do seem to have less aggression than many other dog breeds and they can be a strong presence in a home. They are a breed that is excellent for apartment living because of their size and lack of activity.

The Japanese Chin requires a great deal of exercise to keep physically fit. They should be fed every two weeks during the first eight weeks of life and then a high-grade dog food should be added to their diet from nine months to three years of age. The Japanese Chin should not be overfed as this can cause serious health problems later in life. The owner should take special care to check the dog’s conformation before buying as this will help determine if the dog is a good match for the family. With proper care and attention the life of the Japanese Chin can be a very happy and healthy one.

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