Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic - Roemeense Mioritic Herder

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic: Guard Dog Breed

Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic

The Cobicanesc Romanesc is a medium sized breed of dog breed that originated in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. The Cobicanesc’s size was originally measured at thirty-one inches. These dogs were used as herding dogs during the time of the Romans. They are characterized by their white and tan coats, big white eyes, short and droopy ears, short tail and an easy going disposition. The Cobicanesc Romanesc dog was once used as a sort of herding dog and was used to pull the sheep.

However, they were never really herded – they were more a companion breed and herd animals. A well socialized Cobicanesc will mix in well with other dogs and humans and get along wonderfully with children and adults. This breed tends to be a friendly and trusting breed and loves spending time with children and other pets. This type of dog requires regular exercise and interaction. This breed is highly intelligent, alert and receptive.

The Cobicanesc has been bred down through the years and is not a true purebred. It is the result of crossing three different dog breeds; the Estossian, the Alaunt or the Hungarian. The combination of these three has produced this beautiful type of dog. They are very active and alert, but also very sensitive and need to have a good amount of human contact and interaction.

This breed tends to be a very good overall health dog and needs a steady diet. This dog breed likes to spend time outside and will go on walks several times a day. They should be fed according to the dog’s size and weight. This dog breed should be fed a high protein dog food.

This type of dog is usually very calm and easy to train. They are very affectionate and tend to crave human contact. When being used as a guard dog, they can become aggressive if neglected, but when given the attention they can become very sweet and affectionate. These dogs also like a small ball or other small toy to play with and will also chew on anything they can get their teeth into.

The Cobicanesc Romanesc tends to be very protective of its home environment. If not trained properly it can develop an attitude of hostility. They also require daily obedience training. This breed is used for guard duty and will often bark or growl if intruders come too close.

The Cobicanesc is used for protection in the event of a burglary and will often bark or growl if anyone comes within range. If this type of dog is used as a watch dog it will also act as a watchdog and keep an eye on its owner and family members. It may also be used for security in homes and businesses. This dog is very protective of its home and will protect its owner and family from intruders. It may also be used as protection for small children and pets that are left alone.

In the event of a death of the owner of this dog may be cremated or buried. However, the ashes should be given to a favorite pet or animal. This breed is very energetic and requires a lot of attention and exercise. If this type of dog is used for guard duty, then it will not tire easily and may be used in any situation where constant protection is needed.

The Chiocche is another hardy breed that can be used for protection. This dog will protect children and other family members from dangerous situations. It may also be used to protect property in the event of theft. In some cases, this dog is used as a police dog. This breed does not do as well in showing as a watchdog as it may not protect children. It may however protect children by acting as a human barrier.

The Cobianesc is one of the smallest working breeds and can be used as a watchdog for larger properties. It may act as part of a dog team with another working dog when protecting children. It will alert its handler before children enter a building. It may also protect family members when they visit. This dog is very alert and is very protective.

This breed has many of the same characteristics of larger dog breeds. However, the dog will be on a leash and be smaller than other larger dogs. It is a great dog for those who are looking for a guard dog. It has an athletic frame that is hardy and strong. It is also one of the most alert guarding dogs.

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