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Voor meer informatie over het ras Labradoodle :
bel Woefkesranch : erkend Labradoodle fokker

 tel: 015/755 942

Slameuterstraat 29 -2580 Putte
Hk 15101339
Klantenrevieuw Woefkesranch -Labradoodle fokker - dd 26/10/2015 :
Hi Marleen,
Firstly we are very happy with our LD. and believe she feel like a million dollars  at our big garden and lake. We call her LUCKY she is all black  partly  curly  hair  and healthy.  She now is  12 kg and gaining.
Last week our MD castrated her  , she took  it in stride  and recovered in a day or two. 
She is a smart cookie and always up to new tricks. In spite of a fence she managed to escape yesterday and luckily stopped to play with a neighbor who then called us. She is a little to friendly, also with strangers  careful with new things  but not afraid. Barking only when there are strange  noises.   I will ask Heidi to   mail you a few  photos.
In sum, a great personality. Taking her on Fridays to some training with 10 other dogs she is the star  and after 2 sessions   they promoted  her to the higher class.
We are most pleased with Lucky  and  with the service that you offer.
Perhaps if your time permits  you may let us know the type of father  and mother she had.
Best wishes,
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,


E. Tebbe


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