What You Should Know About The Hovawart Puppy Breed

The beautiful Hovawart; dog breed is becoming one of the favorites among dog lovers. The dog lovers have started taking an interest in this breed for several reasons. If you are also one of those interested in learning more about this breed, this article will surely help you understand more about this dog breed.

The Hovawart; dog breed is a cross between the Afghan Hound and the West Highland White Terrier. In order to make it even more attractive, the breed is often bred with the Irish Wolfhound as well. Despite its close relation to these two breeds, Hovawart is a very healthy and active dog that is suitable for all ages. If you are planning to start off with Hovawart, here are some tips that you might find useful.

Hovawart has good temperament and an energetic nature. It possesses an eagerness to please its master and other dogs. Hence, it does not do well in a housebreaking type of breed. Hovawart requires a lot of exercise. Hence, it should be given a daily dose of exercise in the form of running, walking or simply playing around. Hovawart can also stand cold weather quite well if taken proper care of.

Hovawart has a nice and pleasing voice. However, if you want your voice to carry a deep tone, then it is important that you keep your Hovawart puppy in a warm place during winters. A warm place like a teddy bear or your arm can work wonders for your Hovawart. Hovawart has a very affectionate personality so you must make sure that you get your puppy socialized early on.

Hovawart needs proper medical treatment from time to time. This breed is prone to eye infections. Hence, regular visits to the veterinarian can help resolve this problem. In addition, if you are a diabetic then you must always keep your Hovawart dog under your supervision. Hovawart is a very sensitive breed and it reacts very badly to any health related issue.

As Hovawarth tends to have a strong temperament, it is very important that you take care of your dog when you are away from home for long periods of times. You should make sure that you feed your Hovawart dog according to its age. Senior Hovawart is usually fed a high quality food that has a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat and essential minerals. In addition, you should never feed raw meat to your Hovawart.

Another important aspect of keeping your Hovawart healthy is that you should train your dog. It is important that you socialize your Hovawart with other breeds of dogs so that it will become friendly towards them. Moreover, regular trips to the vet are also very important as your Hovawart will get a check up once in a while and you must make sure that you do not miss the appointment. This will enable you to ensure that your Hovawart remains in good health.

Last but not least, another important aspect of raising Hovawart is that you must be responsible enough to clean the animal’s surroundings especially if you do not have the time to do so. If your dog gets dirty then you should make it clean before letting it out of the house. Hovawart is a breed that loves to clean and it will be useless to have a dog like this that spends most of the day outside.

Having a dog such as Hovawart is not a walk in the park. They are very brave dogs that can intimidate any potential predator. In fact, they were originally bred to protect human beings so you should not hesitate to take them out for a walk. The best time to take out your Hovawart puppy is after it has been spayed or neutered. This way, you reduce the risk of unwanted sexual encounters with other dogs.

One of the most important aspects of owning Hovawart puppies is getting them immunized. This is very important because the Hovawart is a potentially dangerous breed of dog. When the puppy is three months old, it should already have gotten vaccinated against distemper and rabies. It should also be immunized against leptospirosis and heartworm. If your puppy did not receive its initial course of immunity then it is important that you get it checked immediately.

When you have finally decided to adopt a Hovawart puppy, it is very important that you make sure that you go through the proper training program for the dog. This breed needs an owner who is experienced in caring for this breed so it should start from you. It is very important that you take your time to learn how to properly care for the dog so that you will have a healthy and happy relationship with your new pet.

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